In 2009, Cahero Real Estate Developments was founded, with the aim of structuring our potential within the architectural design of our executive projects, combined with our extensive experience in the world of construction, supported through our financial strength to create real estate developments.


The objective is to offer the best habitability to the owners. Based on our social responsibility together with the integration of state-of-the-art technology and the maximization of the potential of the resources, generating harmonious spaces, integrating sustainability and coherence in the daily operation.

Our global expansion has given us the experience of knowing the customs and ways of working of different nations with which day by day we grow as individuals, as we strengthen our processes in order to offer spaces that improve the lives of the people and the communities.



These are buildings or land that are developed to generate profits from capital gains and / or rental income. Typically, companies that rent commercial real estate generally rent the space for a set period of time. The developer or investor owns the buildings and is entitled to collect the rent for each business that operates from its buildings.

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It is one that includes the entire set of establishments that offer travelers a certain type of services that provide them with the satisfaction of their basic needs for accommodation, food and other additional services that provide comfort, convenience and security during their stay and for which you pay a pre-set fee. These services range from car rental, hiring tour guides, souvenir shops, etc. and that are installed in the same construction of the hotel.

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Multifamily Housing

Building or structure that is designed to house several families in separate living units. The most common type of multi-family home is an apartment building; Duplex, quadruple, and town homes also qualify as multi-family homes. The entire building or structure can be owned by an individual, an entity, or, as is the case with condominiums, by individuals who have purchased units.

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Single Family Housing

A single family dwelling (home, house, or dwelling) means that the building is a structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit. Although there are dwelling units that share one or more walls with another dwelling unit, it is classified as a single-family residence if it has direct access to a street or public road and does not share heating facilities, hot water equipment, or any other essential facility or service. with any other dwelling unit.

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