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We generate strategic alliances for the optimization of the sales and rent process, with the following institutions:

We create strategic alliances with leading companies in the market in the following sector:

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Real Estates Agencies

We offer you to participate in the commercialization of our developments to consolidated companies within the real estate industry to manage the purchase and sale of properties, buildings, commercial and industrial developments.


As well as the supply of land for the projection of future developments or the approach of those interested in the contribution of land.

El arrendamiento de un hogar

Financial Institutions

We offer our clients for the sale of their real estate the collaboration with banks and financial institutions, for which we create alliances, so that through them, credits and leases are granted to facilitate the operation.


Property Managers

For the maintenance, service, safety and optimal operation of a development, we create alliances with professional companies that have extensive experience reflected in their success stories. The operation refers to the harmonious and combined execution of the different areas and functions of a development, in order to provide its services with quality and in an integral way.

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