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The Cahero Real State Developments Board of Directors recognizes that corruption is an extremely harmful practice, which erodes the competition and reputation of those public and private organizations that are involved in it. This Statement of Compliance demonstrates our commitment to preventing corruption.

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Declaration of Anti-Corruption Compliance of the Cahero Real State Developments Board of Directors

Acting with integrity is a core part of our policy, and we will not tolerate any form of corruption. We will implement and enforce effective systems to combat corruption.

We have adopted a Criminal Compliance and Anti-Bribery Policy that establishes the processes designed to prevent any person related to us from carrying out an act of corruption. Will apply all national and international regulations related to the fight against corruption in all aspects of our business.

In accordance with Mexican regulations, acts of corruption carry a prison sentence of up to six years for individuals and legal entities, in addition to fines of up to five times the benefit obtained, incalculable reputational damage. That is why we take our legal responsibilities very seriously.

Any act of corruption committed by a member of this organization will lead to the adoption of disciplinary measures and will be dealt with severely by the Board of Directors. We demand that all business partners associated with our organization demonstrate, in order to do business with us, that they have a commitment similar to ours to prevent corruption.

We strongly believe that a zero tolerance for corruption supports our reputation as an entity that acts ethically and honestly. It also inspires confidence in the recipients of our services and the public in general. As part of our commitment to prevent corruption within our organization, the Board of Directors has established a series of Compliance Policies and Procedures, part of which are available on the corporate website, being the most relevant are the Criminal


Compliance and Anti-Bribery Policy and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners

The Board of Directors is responsible for the implementation of the criminal compliance management system, with the assistance of the Compliance Committee, dependent on the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors, whose functions include the development, implementation, monitoring and the review of internal processes for the prevention of corruption.

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