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Below we present our corporate video where you can obtain more information regarding our performance in the real estate developments

Video Transcript


In 2013, Alfonso Cahero Developments was founded, with the aim of structuring our potential within the architectural design of our executive projects, combined with our extensive experience in the world of construction supported through our financial strength to create real estate developments


Our objective is to offer the best habitability, based on our social responsibility together with the integration of state-of-the-art technology and the maximization of the potential of the resources generating harmonious spaces, integrating sustainability and coherence in the daily operation


Our global expansion has given us the experience of knowing the customs and ways of working of different nations, with which day by day we grow as individuals, ss we strengthen our processes in order to offer spaces that improve the lives of the people and the communities


We create real estate developments for:

Commercial developments:


These are buildings or land lots that are developed to generate profits from capital gains and rental income, typically, companies that rent commercial real estate generally rent the space for a set period of time, the developer or investor owns the development, and is entitled to collect the rent for each business that operates from its buildings


Hospitality Developments:


It is one that includes the entire set of establishments that offer travelers different types of services

That provides them with the satisfaction of their needs and accommodation. Food and other additional services that provide comfort, convenience and security during their stay,  for which you pay a pre-set fee. These services range from car rental, hiring tour guides, souvenir shops, restaurants, and more. All of them are installed in the same development


Multifamily Housing:


Building or structure that is designed to house several families in separate living units. The most common type of multi-family homes are:  apartment buildings, duplex and townhomes. The entire building or structure can be owned by an individual, an entity, or, as is the case with condominiums, by individuals who have purchased one or several units


Single Family Homes:


A single family dwelling (home, house, or dwelling) means that the building is a structure maintained and used as a single dwelling unit, although there are dwelling units that share one or more walls with another dwelling unit. It is classified as a single-family residence if it has direct access to a street or public road and does not share heating facilities, hot water equipment, or any other essential facility or service, with any other dwelling unit


Real estate development process is about taking ideas on paper and turning them into real property, it’s a process that delivers a product in order to meet some form of consumer demand


But the development process is intricate. Real estate development involves participation from a wide variety of professionals, including: Architects, Engineers, Site planners, Attorneys, Lenders, Amongst a variety of others


​The real estate development real estate process is divided into three main stages:


Stage 1: Site selection and deal making


The initial phase of a real estate development involves a tremendous amount of research and analysis, to determine if a proposed development is truly viable. A successful site must meet market demands, satisfy lending conditions and regulatory requirements, that must accommodate the consumer


Stage 2: Development and entitlement


This next phase focuses on critical sign-offs and approvals required for the newly proposed real estate developments to come to life through: Municipality approval, Community Outreach and Communications, City Entitlement Process, Pre-Construction Coordination , Drawings and Building Plan Submittal

Building Permits Approval and Issuance


Stage 3: Construction and tenant turnover


This is where the contractors and builders will bring the real estate development to life. 


This phase is conformed by the following activities: Overall construction coordination, general contractor mobilization, survey staking, earthwork, Pad and foundation, building construction, Interior work, on-site work, off-site work, inspections construction close-out, Certificate of occupancy and tenant move-in


In order to strengthen our sales system in the development process, we generate strategic alliances with: Real estate agencies, Financial Institutions, And property management agencies


At Alfonso Cahero Developments, we integrate the LEED certifications into our designs Since we believe green buildings are the foundation of something bigger:  Helping people, the communities, cities they reside in safely, healthily, and sustainably thrive


The heart of our green building community’s efforts must go well beyond construction and efficiency, and the materials that make up our buildings, we must dig deeper and focus on what matters most within those buildings: Human beings


Shouldn’t the places where we spend 90% of our time support our health and wellbeing?


Improved health and productivity benefits are playing a larger role than ever before In driving companies to invest in green buildings


Throughout our trajectory, we have been awarded around the world with recognitions that guarantee our high performance. As well, as we have received invitations to expand in different countries around the globe


We have  presence in:  America, Europe and Middle East


At Alfonso Cahero Developments we are available every day of the year


Do not hesitate to contact us and one of our representatives will gladly assist you