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For the maintenance, service, safety and optimal operation of a development, we create alliances with professional companies with the support of success stories and an impeccable curriculum to delegate these tasks. The operation refers to the harmonious and combined execution of the different areas and functions of a development, in order to provide its services with quality and in a comprehensive manner.

These are the main areas to consider in a Property Management:


It is the presentation card of a development. Its importance is that it is the first contact with which the client relates. This department offers the services related to the arrival and departure of the inhabitants, in addition to controlling, coordinating, administering and providing different services during the stay at the development facilities.

The Head of Reception is in charge of all the management activity in this area, which has, among others, the following activities:


  • Receive the inhabitants

  • Give general information about development

  • Check on the landlord or tenant

  • Review unit reports made by the housekeeper

  • Keep a record of residents entering / leaving.

  • Inform the exit units to the housekeeper for cleaning purposes.

  • Keep control of the unit keys.

  • Manage the control of income, expenses and operational movements of development.

  • Monitor the income of the money for the development of the different services (accommodation, food and beverages, laundry, etc. etc.)

  • Security box control


He carried out specific activities such as cleaning and presentation of the units, public areas and development service areas. In addition to attending with hospitality and covering at all times the needs of the inhabitants during their stay in development.

The housekeeper has the following personnel under her command:

  • Housekeeper assistant

  • Floor supervisor

  • Head of public areas

  • Janitors

  • Waiters (floor, public areas, etc.)


This department is responsible for having the equipment and facilities of the hotel (air conditioning, boilers, computers, elevators, hydraulic, electrical, gas, etc.) in optimal conditions for proper operation. Its main function is to avoid complaints from the inhabitants and reports of equipment out of service, through the implementation of systems and maintenance programs. The chief in charge is an electromechanical engineer.

Some positions that make up this department and are controlled by the maintenance manager are:

  • Gardeners

  • Carpenters

  • Electricians

  • Plumbers

  • Boiler operators

  • Pool Maintenance


It focuses on detecting and correcting errors that arise from defects in the design, construction, use of equipment or the simple passage of time (locksmithing, floor repairs, wall painting, carpet and furniture renovation, decoration of units, corridors and areas public, etc.).

Revenue & Sales

The revenue and sales department focuses its efforts on guaranteeing the rental and sale of units, facilities, food and other services, as well as events that complement the festive seasons of development.


It is directed by a Director, being responsible for administering and directing the sales work. In his charge, he has a series of sales executives who are in charge of looking for clients for development and whose work is usually on the street visiting potential clients, as well as closing contracts. In the group there may be a person in charge of verifying the marketing approach, such as promotions, stationery, promotional products, packages and the public to which the efforts of this department will be directed.

Public Relations

This department also belongs to a public relations manager who is responsible for providing the image of sales-oriented development, there may even be an administration focused on group sales and convention sales.


This department is of vital importance for the income it reports, as well as for the expenses it causes. In charge of the Food and Beverage Manager or Executive Chef, who is responsible for managing all sectors of this department, controlling costs and providing such services to residents. Activities such as the selection, purchase and availability of raw materials, search for suppliers, supervision of the food and beverage manufacturing process, establishment of purchasing policies are carried out.


The staff working in this department is very varied, only some of them are mentioned: chef, cooks, helpers, hostesses, captain of waiters, waiters, even occasionally, specialists in pastry, wine, etc.

Accounting & Finance

It takes care of everything that has to do with money, controls and records all the financial statements of the operations that occur in the entity, recording all income. Production by development operations, financial statement reports and management of fiscal, legal activities, etc. The work of this department is in charge of a Comptroller General.


Its communication is close with the reception department, when the invoices and the money received in this area are requested, as well as the reports of expenses to be paid.


It has a strategic position, which handles cash, vouchers, checks, etc. They enter the hotel for different payments, which is the General Cashier. This is a position that does not have direct contact with the client, but receives these payments from the ATMs of the different departments (receptionists, restaurants, bars, etc.).

Human Resources

The human resources manager is in charge of this department, who is responsible for ensuring that relations between employees and the entity are carried out in harmony. To do this, it will seek to establish a healthy relationship between employees and create a family environment in development, fostering conditions of motivation and integration of the human development factor.


Achieving this way, maintain the development with the personnel indicated in each of its areas and functions, which provide a service of efficiency, quality and hospitality to residents at the time they are required.

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