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We offer you to participate in the commercialization of our developments to consolidated companies within the real estate industry that manage the purchase and sale of properties, buildings, corporate commercial developments and in some governmental cases. As well as the supply of land for the projection of future developments or the approach of those interested in the contribution of land.

We create strategic alliances with leading companies in the market such as:

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In this sense, a Real Estate Agent is responsible for executing such operations, having the option of working for a real estate agency or independently.

As soon as the pre-sale of a development begins, the real estate company or the agent has the function of finding a buyer, negotiating and carrying out the entire process by itself, including the relevant documents. After the sale of a property is closed, the real estate agency receives a percentage of the total amount of the final sale price; Said commission varies according to the previously agreed agreement, which is determined by the type of property or as established in the applicable legislation.


At the time of generating an agreement, an agent or real estate company should become familiar with the important information related to the property, that is, the year construction began, the surface, the amenities, the location and the background of the property. In addition to this, this professional must have the qualities of a seller, which implies being kind and empathetic, in addition to having negotiation skills, knowing the legal procedure to execute a sale and having a service vocation.